Choose your camper van pitch

Bitte sei achtsam bei der Wahl deiner Unterkunft. Wir unterscheiden sehr strikt zwischen Wohnmobilen und Wohnwagen, aber auch Zelten. Dieser Campingplatz wurde im nat├╝rlichen Gel├Ąnde errichtet und dies f├╝hrt zu einigen Beschr├Ąnkungen (weiche B├Âden, Abh├Ąnge, etc.). Mail uns bitte, wenn du dir nicht sicher bist.

Die Personenzahl ist beschr├Ąnkt auf

  • Size L: Maximum 6 persons / 4 adults
  • Size M: Maximum 5 persons / 3 adults
  • Size S: Maximum 4 persons / 2 adults

Group bookings must be clarified in advance by email. Further info

Pitches for motorhomes with awning (without awning/tent and trailer)

Grass pitches with a width of about 6.5 m for one motorhome with awning and up to 4.5 t total weight. Tents cannot be pitched here and there is no room for trailers either. The motorhome is always parked backwards and with the engine facing the path.
Exception for trailers: Your trailer with a max. width of 2 m is parked directly behind your max. 6 m long motorhome on a motorhome L space up to 8 m or you book a 2nd motorhome parking space next door separately for the trailer.

These pitches are not suitable for caravans. The safety distances cannot be maintained with cars, caravans and the time before.

Book separately: