Site plan season 2023

  • Site plan I: Overview of the accommodation categories for orientation purposes

Site plan II: Interactive site plan to check availability and prices and to book.
To view our location in the area between Boltenhagen and Wismar, please use the map below in Directions and Contact.

Version: Status 30 March 2023

Map of our accommodation categories

Here you can find the overview of our campsite plan/map. This plan shows the pitches for tents (red), caravans (green) and motorhomes (orange) as well as our bungalows (light grey on the right), camping barrels (brown at the bottom) and mobile home (purple in the middle). The central entrance with the barrier is at the bottom left by building “i” (information).

Why do we distinguish camper pitches from caravan pitches? The sites towards the beach are a few meters lower. Heavy vehicles often have difficulties to free themselves after a rain and stay involuntarily longer (with costs) or need the ADAC. At the same time the turf hub takes damage, which we have to charge in case of wrong booking. As a consequence, motorhomes (box wagons) are only allowed to stand on motorhome sites. A usual VW bus (and comparable models) is considered a minibus and not a camper.

Lageplan 2023

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Interactive map to book

You also have the possibility to book online directly from the map: Link

The places in red are occupied in the selected period. The places in green are free. In this overview you can see only after clicking whether you book a place for example a camper or a caravan. Please be attentive here. Lageplan Buchungsmaske

Click to book online directly from the map.

Further information

Our camper pitches are very popular. New in 2023 are the XL motorhome pitches for motorhomes up to 9m with water connection as well as the larger mini-shop and the dog run.

Our caravan sites are also very popular. These are more in the north as the ground is quite soft here. Tents can also be pitched on these pitches, but we recommend the pitches from number 500 onwards, as these dry out more quickly after a heavy rain.

If you don’t bring a tent you could be happy with our camping barrels and much more comfortable in our bungalows.

More information about our accommodation options here.

Astra reception (satellite TV)

Due to the eastern forest, satellite reception for TV is limited at the following sites. While we can easily let you switch sites in the low season, the possibility rarely exists in the high season and on holiday weekends. Please take this into account when choosing your pitch.

Please also note our location between Boltenhagen and Wismar. The typical exit is Grevesm├╝hlen on the A20 motorway. We are not the camping site Zierow and please do not confuse us with the camping site Niendorf in Travem├╝nde Schleswig-Holstein.

We are also located on the real Baltic Sea and not on the Cottbus Ostsee;-)