Outdoor sanitary North

Our credo:

Nature – Beach – Recreation

For us, nature comes first. We owe this to our location directly on the Wohlenberger Wiek. A flora fauna habitat nature reserve.



In order to protect nature and make our contribution to the climate, we only use green electricity according to the strict guidelines of Greenpeace and also contribute to further expansion.



In the new construction of our Sanitary House North, we are relying even more heavily on solar thermal energy than in the Sanitary House South. Camping has its focus on July and August. We therefore want to make special use of the sun’s energy. Showers are free of charge since 2021. Nevertheless, please be sparing with the hot water.

We still have some construction sites:

Diesel vehicles
Our fleet of 3 cars still consists of diesel vehicles. Also the construction vehicles, which we borrow in winter to rebuild, run on diesel. Since 2021 we use a fuel card and measure our diesel consumption to minimise consumption.

Petrol garden tools and machines
We have various motorised gardening tools, which we would like to electrify as much as possible in the future. We will also measure their consumption in the future.

Mini-Shop and gastronomy
Vegan and regional food, ecologically produced, is a growing market. However, there is still so little demand for these products that the range is very limited.
We will be happy to give you tips at reception on where to get regional organic food.

Waste disposal
Camping and waste separation: still a problem. Several times a week, at least deposit bottles are sorted out of the rubbish. We have tried a lot with signs and pictures. The results so far have been rather poor.

We are planning to achieve an environmental certification, e.g. EU Eco-Label or Eco-Camping.

We are in the process. Thank you for your support.
Please send further suggestions and ideas to


Your Team