Pitches for caravan/car or minibus with tent/aperture

Bitte sei achtsam bei der Wahl deiner Unterkunft. Wir unterscheiden sehr strikt zwischen Wohnmobilen und Wohnwagen, aber auch Zelten. Dieser Campingplatz wurde im nat├╝rlichen Gel├Ąnde errichtet und dies f├╝hrt zu einigen Beschr├Ąnkungen (weiche B├Âden, Abh├Ąnge, etc.). Mail uns bitte, wenn du dir nicht sicher bist.

The number of persons is limited to

  • Size L: Maximum 6 persons / 4 adults
  • Size M: Maximum 5 persons / 3 adults

Group bookings must be clarified in advance by email. Further information

Choose your pitch for caravan, tent or minibus

Lawn parking space for a caravan with awning including car up to 2.8 t total weight. The weight of the caravan is irrelevant. Alternatively, this pitch is also suitable for a vehicle (such as a car or minibus) and one or more tents (from pitch number 300).
All tent trailers (Klappfix) etc. also fall into this category.

These pitches are not suitable for motorhomes. The ground is too soft.

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