Choose your accommodation

Please be mindful when choosing your accommodation. Unlike many other places, you select your spot yourself and take responsibility for your decision. Therefore, we have carefully described our categories to cover various options. Please also pay attention to the instructions for setting up on the site plan.

We make a strict distinction between motorhomes/camper vans and caravans, as well as between tents. This campground was established in a natural terrain, which leads to some limitations (soft ground, slopes, etc.). To keep things simple, we don’t have a designated spot for every case. Please email us if you are unsure.

Please use our interactive map for booking to select your spot free of charge.

Only one vehicle is allowed per pitch. Additional parking spaces can be booked separately.

The number of persons is limited as follows:

  • Size L: a total of 6 persons (max. 4 adults)
  • Size M: a total of 5 persons (max. 3 adults)
  • Size S: a total of 4 persons (max. 2 adults)
  • Size XS: a total of 3 persons (max. 2 adults)

Booking multiple spots? Please refer to our guidelines for group bookings.

Pitches for motorhomes with awning (without awning/tent and trailer)

Grass pitches with approximately 6.5 meters width each, suitable for one motorhome/RV with awning and up to 4.5 tons total weight. Tents cannot be pitched here, and trailers are not allowed. The motorhome should always be parked in reverse, with the engine facing the path.

  • Trailers: Your trailer with a maximum width of 2 meters and a length of 3 meters is placed directly behind your motorhome, which can be up to 6 meters long, on a Motorhome L pitch up to 8 meters in length. Alternatively, your trailer with a maximum width of 2 meters and a length of 3 meters can be placed directly behind your motorhome, which can be up to 7.5 meters long, on a Motorhome XL pitch up to 9 meters in length. Another option is to book a second motorhome pitch next to yours, specifically for the trailer.
  • Caravans: Due to safety distances, it is not possible to use a car, caravan, and awning on motorhome pitches. If there is a misbooking, unfortunately, the awning cannot be used.
  • Tents: Your tent with a maximum size of 2 meters x 2 meters can be set up directly behind or in front of your motorhome, which can be up to 6 meters long, on a Motorhome L pitch up to 8 meters or up to 7 meters long motorhome on a Motorhome XL pitch up to 9 meters. Another option is to book a second pitch next to yours for the tent.
  • Pavilions instead of awnings are allowed with a maximum size of 2 sidewalls and 2.5 meters x 2.5 meters. Additional larger pavilions up to 3 meters x 3.5 meters will incur extra costs (to be booked as an additional option).

Pitches for caravan/car or minibus with tent/aperture

Grass pitch suitable for a caravan with an awning, including a car up to 2.8 tons total weight. The weight of the caravan itself is not a factor.

Alternatively, this pitch is also suitable for a vehicle (such as a car or small van up to 5.5 meters in length) and with one or more tents (from pitch number 300).

  • Groundsheets are not allowed; please use woven outdoor carpets instead.
  • Trailer tents: This category includes all trailer tents (e.g., folding campers) where the drawbar is inside the tent, and the orientation does not matter. However, safety distances must be observed.
  • The caravan can be replaced by a single-axle trailer up to 5 meters in length.

Alternatively allowed:

  • On L-pitches, tents up to 40 square meters are permitted.
  • On M-pitches, tents up to 20 square meters are permitted.

These pitches are not suitable for motorhomes and twin-axle caravans. The ground is too soft. In case of emergency, motorhomes will be rebooked to narrower spaces next to the ditch (without reimbursement of costs).

Tent pitches

Our tent pitches size L include a car parking space with a maximum total weight of 2.8 tons and electricity up to 8 kWh per day.

For tent pitch size XS, a car up to 4.2 meters (small car) and electricity can be booked additionally.

The car will be parked on the pitch, except for pitches 722, 723, and 820 where the car is parked opposite the pitch.

  • For tent pitch size M in the forest area, there is no electricity supply. The optional car can be parked in the adjacent parking lot.
  • Trailers: Your trailer with a maximum width of 2 meters and a length of 2.5 meters can be placed directly on your tent pitch size L (except for pitches 720 and 721).
  • Tents can also be set up on caravan pitches (marked in green) starting from pitch number 300.

Roof tent/sleeping in the car

You will sleep in your car or on top of your car in a rooftop tent. Please book a pitch suitable for a caravan size M or L. The orientation of your car is not relevant, but both the car and the rooftop tent must maintain a distance of 3 meters from the neighboring pitches (see camp site plan).

I'm sorry for the confusion, but as an AI language model, I don't have the capability to view or process images. However, if you describe your situation or provide more information about your category, I'll do my best to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to provide details, and I'll be glad to help!

Rental accommodation

Electricity is read according to the meter reading. Max. 1 dog is allowed in bungalow type 3 and in the camping barrel. Dogs are not allowed to sit or lie on sleeping or seating furniture. Please bring your own sleeping accommodation for the dog.