Choose your accommodation

Please be careful when choosing your accommodation. We make a very strict distinction between camper vans and caravans, but also tents. This campsite is built on natural terrain and this leads to some restrictions (soft ground, slopes, etc.). Please email us if you are unsure.

When booking, please use our interactive map to choose your pitch for free.

Only one vehicle is allowed per pitch. Additional parking spaces can be booked separately below.

The number of persons is limited to

  • Size L: Maximum 6 persons / 4 adults
  • Size M: Maximum 5 persons / 3 adults
  • Size S: Maximum 4 persons / 2 adults
  • Size XS: Maximum 3 persons / 2 adults

Group bookings must be clarified in advance by e-mail. Further information


Pitches for motorhomes with awning (without awning/tent and trailer)

Grass pitches with a width of approx. 6.5 m each for a motorhome with awning and up to 4.5 t total weight. Tents cannot be pitched here and there is no room for trailers either. The motorhome is always parked backwards and with the engine facing the path.
Exception for trailers: Your trailer with a max. width of 2 m is parked directly behind your max. 6 m long motorhome on a motorhome L pitch up to 8 m or you book a 2nd motorhome pitch next door, separate for the trailer.

These pitches are not suitable for caravans. The safety distances cannot be maintained with a car, caravan and awning.

Pitches for caravan/car or minibus with tent/aperture

Lawn parking space for a caravan with awning including car up to 2.8 t total weight. The weight of the caravan is irrelevant. Alternatively, this pitch is also suitable for a vehicle (such as a car or minibus) and one or more tents (from pitch number 300).
All tent trailers (Klappfix) etc. also fall into this category.

These pitches are not suitable for motorhomes. The ground is too soft.

Tent pitches

Our tent pitches L include a car parking space up to max. 2.8 t total weight and electricity up to 8 kWh/day.
For tent site XS, a car up to max. 4.2 m (small car) and electricity can be booked in addition.
The car is parked on the campsite (exception 722/723/820).

There is no electricity supply at tent pitches M at forrest. The optional car is parked in the car park next door.

Tents can also be parked on caravan pitches (green), from pitch number 300.

Roof tent/sleeping in the car

You sleep in the car or on the car in a roof tent. Please book a pitch for caravan M or L. You don’t find your category, send us a photo or a description and we will help you.

Rental accommodation

Electricity is read according to the meter reading. Max. 1 dog is allowed in bungalow type 3 and in the camping barrel. Dogs are not allowed to sit or lie on sleeping or seating furniture. Please bring your own sleeping accommodation for the dog.