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After bad experiences in recent years and especially in 2022, we unfortunately no longer accept group bookings.The well-being of all guests is very important to us, which, however, was massively impaired by a few groups.

For us, a group is more than 2 people of one generation without family affiliation. Such bookings can be cancelled by us at any time.

Couples who would like to spend a relaxing time with us together with another couple can use our “Interactive Map” to view and book places together.

If you make a group booking with us as described above, please note the following, in addition to the general campsite rules, the following applies:

  • We are a quiet campsite and are considerate of all guests. This also applies to the surroundings and the beach!
  • It is forbidden to bring loudspeakers/music boxes. These will be taken into custody until departure.
  • No music or loud conversation is permitted after 10 p.m., and only whispered conversations (at tent volume) are permitted after midnight.
  • Cleanliness and order are important to us. Please dispose of rubbish regularly in the rubbish bin.
  • There is a strict alcohol ban for minors, including adults (immediate expulsion if disregarded). No music or alcohol consumption is allowed on the beach either!
  • As a matter of principle, alcohol should only be consumed in moderation and should never be left lying around openly on the site (even without contents).

In case of violation, however, the campsite management regularly exercises its domiciliary rights. Guests who do not abide by the rules can be expelled from the campsite at any time!

Thank you for your understanding!

Your team