ADAC Award 2023

ADAC Camping Award 2023

We have won the ADAC Camping Award as a digital and innovative campsite. The award is organised throughout Europe. We think that’s great and we’re delighted! See also our top ranking at ADAC.

The presentation of the award is planned for 6 May 2023 at 11 a.m., on the 30th anniversary of the campsite.

Background for the win:

  • 100% online booking only
    Bookable at any time 24h/365 days. Free pitch selection via interactive map,
    a self-booking terminal is also available on site during office opening hours and it is possible to pay online. Book here.
  • Automatic check-in/check-out
    Guests can or should check in contactlessly themselves, the vehicles are checked by the barrier via licence plate recognition. No waiting times, no registration necessary.
  • All-inclusive prices
    The prices include sanitary facilities, fresh water, waste disposal and free Wi-Fi, so most guests do not need to pay on site. You do not need an access card, keys etc. More.
  • Paperless administration
    Paperless administration for all guests and suppliers since 2021
    (only a few suppliers do not yet have the option of providing invoices digitally)
  • 100% CO2 neutral by 2026
    We are already very sustainable. Our new sanitary building is already CO2 neutral and uses a large solar thermal system to generate hot water. We have been using green electricity for more than 10 years out of complete conviction.
    The entire campsite is managed sustainably. We mulch our lawn instead of using fertiliser. About 7% of the area is left to nature and grows wild, which is good for insects and bees. More.

Our guests are happy that they can book themselves at any time and receive a confirmation immediately after payment. Guests are particularly pleased that they can choose their favourite pitch directly. The interactive map helps with this. There are no waiting times on arrival, as almost all guests use the self-check-in and drive directly to their preferred pitch. On site, guests are also delighted that Wi-Fi is available free of charge throughout the site. The sanitary blocks and all waste disposal facilities are also available free of charge. So you can enjoy a relaxed holiday.

Our seven permanent employees have less stress and more fun, and our guests notice that too. They are delighted with our service and helpfulness and that they can simply enjoy their holiday with us in line with our motto Nature – Beach – Relaxation.


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Source: ADAC Camping Award: (Germany)
Classification: 4 stars

Nobody comes to this campsite on the Mecklenburg Baltic coast without having booked online beforehand. The entire booking process is digitalised. Only online bookings are accepted. Guests arriving without a prior booking use a terminal at the former reception building for online check-in. Access to the site is controlled by a barrier with licence plate recognition. Advantage for the camper: no waiting times when checking in and out, the desired pitch can be accessed immediately. Advantage for the campsite operator and its employees: Instead of lengthy check-ins and check-outs, they have more time to look after their guests and maintain the campsite.