Booking instructions

Migration completed, from now on you can book with our new booking system Resavio.

  • With us, online booking and online payment is possible without exception.
  • Per booking max. 2 adults from 16 years, 2 children from 6 years and 2 infants up to 5 years possible.
  • Follow the instructions for groups and minors.
  • Notes on dogs.
  • Notes Arrival times: Accommodation 4 pm, pitches 1 pm
  • For rental accommodation in the high season, note the arrival and departure days and weekly bookings.
  • One parking space must be booked per vehicle with license plate.
    If you do not have a vehicle, enter your license plate number, bicycle, bus or on foot.
  • The following page will help you select the category.
  • You can find out all the details of a category by clicking on the image or short description.

Please note our payment, cancellation and general terms and conditions and the site regulations.


We recommend the site plan booking to all professionals. If you are not yet sure about the category, favour the category booking: