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Hello, dear electric car drivers,


Thank you for travelling sustainably and supporting our efforts.

Charging electric cars at the charging point

There is an EV charging point directly opposite our campsite (at Strandstra├če 20), operated by LastMileSolutions with up to 22kW.


There is currently the possibility to charge electric cars (EV) at the Hagebaumarkt (2x 150kW) and MEZ (4x 50kW) in G├Ągelow, 8 km away.


We are currently still planning charging stations and will also offer electric car refuelling in the future.

Charging electric cars at the car park

Our 5 low-speed adapters with type 2 have been available since 2022. These are necessary to protect* our campsite power grid. Only with our adapters you can now charge your electric car with max. 6A 230V at any pitch. Please note the appropriate caravan pitch or tent pitch category when booking.

We provide the adapter for a deposit of 150 euros. The electricity used will be deducted from this deposit according to kWh. The kWh costs 70ct.

Electric mobility and camping now go together.


Charging with your own cables is absolutely forbidden. In addition to the electricity costs for charging your vehicle, a damage deposit of ÔéČ2000 for 24 months will be due in the event of non-compliance to ensure that no damage has been caused to our power grid. In addition, claims for damages for loss of rent may also be made. We cannot rule out the possibility of criminal charges for damage to property and theft.


Best regards

Your team from ostseequelle.camp


*Our power grid cannot withstand the power supply of your charging cables.

In 2021, we had a major line damage caused by an electric car in the middle of the season. It is particularly annoying for guests who cannot use the power connections, as we cannot carry out such repairs in summer.